Kanu Hawaii Citizen Challenge

Image We believe that voices carry. We help Kanu members to find theirs and challenge them to use it in service of island values.


Challenge participants to engage in political discourse and action during the Legislative session and beyond.

Participants were challenged to commit to two specific actions:

  • Watch one: Follow at least one issue during the Legislative session.
  • Write one: Contact their legislator at least once during session.

Making our voices count.


The Citizen Challenge is part of Kanu's ongoing efforts to make local politics accessible, accountable, and engaging to all. The Challenge itself was therefore geared especially towards recruiting individuals who had not previously plugged into activism and political activity. Over 500 people committed to engaging in the political process through the Citizen Challenge.


To build visibility at, and familiarity with, the Capitol, Kanu held Rotunda Roundups each week during session. Held in partnership with Common Cause Hawaii, each Roundup combined an educational briefing on a specific issue and a meet-and-greet walking tour of legislators' offices. The Roundups engaged more than 200 individuals throughout the session.

Growing a better future begins by planting seeds. We are heartened to report that — in a time often marked by cynicism about politics and the political process — events organized by the Kanu Hawaii Youth Fellows drew more than 100 students from 17 different schools to the Capitol, where they engaged with lawmakers and learned first-hand about the policy making process.

Beyond the Challenge.


Kanu's ongoing efforts to cultivate citizenship have produced the HawaiiCandidates.info Project. We are asking people "What's most important to you this election year?" and publishing the results in a "word cloud" for every ZIP code with more than 50 responses. We're also going to ask the candidates to respond, and will publish their answers as well.

HawaiiCandidates.info is being tested in Windward Oahu during the run-up to the Primary Election on August 11, and will be expanded in the weeks leading to the General Election on November 6. We invite your participation!

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