Leadership Development

Since our founding, Kanu has relied on volunteer leaders to help lead community engagement with tens of thousands of residents across hundreds of projects and campaigns statewide. This year in 2013, Kanu has formalized leadership development with the launching of our inaugural Kanu Fellows Program. Meet our 2013 Fellows! They are a diverse group of volunteers committed to expanding Kanu's mission. The Kanu Fellows program has been designed to give them an opportunity to practice deep community engagement including extensive grassroots outreach, balanced issue research, and modern mass communications strategies...all without needing outside influence or money.

Interested in helping out? Fellows will be presenting to dozens of venues, walking neighborhoods to speak with thousands of residents, sharing good information about issues we care deeply about, and finding ways that you too can get more involved in being a part of Hawaii more connected to the 'aina, more compassionate, and more sustainable.

Below are various stories and posts about the program or developed for the program. Mahalo!

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