Downtown @ the HiSAM

250 S Hotel St, Honolulu, HI 96813
Honolulu, HI 96813 (map it)

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Telephone: (808) 536-5900

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  1. Had an amazing lunch today at Downtown Restaurant !
    Grilled Shutome with Mana Ai Ulu Pa'i'ai, Sumida Watercress, Hau'ula Tomato...fresh, local, deliciousness. They have an amazing highlight of specials each day specified for Kanu HI Eat Local Challenge. It's a must visit during this amazing challenge !

  2. Julie Hasegawa shared:

    Lots of fresh local veggies and warm, crispy, melty paninis! Great lunch spot!

  3. Aubrey Yee shared:

    Love this for a lunch date. Set in the Hawaii state art museum, it's got a wonderful feeling, excellent local food choices and great prices. If you've never been, you must check it out... They also have a to-go counter if you don't have time to sit and dine...

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