Bruce D. Campbell

Joined Kanu Hawaii Nov 26, 2007
Hometown: Waialae Kahala, HI
CEO Hawaii Green IT, Web Strategist - 'Webolutionary' @

About me

Just a guy who got to come to Hawaii one day a long time ago...and is blessed to raise my family here

Why I love Hawaii

Mana, aina, mauka, makai, aloha, kokua all these kine words and what they mean are why I love Hawaii...its the land, the people, the culture, the food, the music...

My interests

Faith, Family (wife and 2 daughters), Hawaii's Sustainable Future, Business Web Empowerment, Playing and Composing Music, Writing & Multimedia Projects

Latest Stories shared by Bruce D. Campbell

turning over a new leaf...

Posted on May 12, 2010 | Comments 5

I have seen the electric car of my desire...the nissan leaf. However why buy an electric car and run it of oil based electricity. Why not plug it into an existing PV solar electric system or purchase the care and then buy the PV to take advantage of the greatest rebate. This down to earth and...

100 x Faster Internet from Google

Posted on Mar 23, 2010 | Comments 2 How can this help Hawaii. It will allow anyone who chooses to work from home avoiding the time of the commute, having more time and flexibility to be with family, and reducing energy costs and GHG emmissions of transportation, lighting, AC...

Computers, Energy and Vampires

Posted on May 5, 2009 | Comments 1

We have the opportunity to help everyone in Hawaii to save lots of energy & money while shrinking that big old black carbon footprint. Hope to have more details soon.

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