David Turner

Joined Kanu Hawaii Jun 11, 2008
Hometown: Kailua, HI

About me

I am a passionate advocate and hopefully example of living a life that is connected to the entirety of the creation, and is balanced and brimming with compassion and joy. Professionally, I am an ordained minister who presently also works as a consultant in the area of sustainability, focusing on renewable energy and the way in which our spiritual lives are reflections of our connectedness not just to the creator but to the creation.

Why I love Hawaii

I am a 7th generation kama'aina child in whom the very spirit of these islands flows with abundance. I find the wisdom of these islands, the practices of its people, the beauty of its place to be not only inspiring but exemplary of the gifts that are needed worldwide in order to regain the balance and integrity that is often lacking.

My interests

My immediate family (2 children and spouse and parents), my home (working to be net-zero, water recycling, vegetable growing, etc.), my spiritual life (contemplative prayer, church member), my community (Kailua), my love of the outdoors (backpacking, kayaking, hiking) to name but a few.

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