Sonya Maya Mendez

Joined Kanu Hawaii Aug 2, 2008
Hometown: Kapolei, HI
Entertainer, calendar editor for Pacific Media Publishing, wedding singer at Ko Olina Chaper, special events coordinator, board member of Rotary Club of Kapolei and the Well of Hope Foundation

About me

I love helping people and their causes.
I love dogs - I have four. I love a fine glass of champagne, but I also love getting dirt under my nails.

Why I love Hawaii

I love people and culture. I love the water and the green golf courses. I love that I can go in my backyard and pick a ripe papaya, mango or star fruit off the tree.

My interests

Don't waste water! I go to so many events where I see glasses of water, some untouched, go down the drain. The Well of Hope Foundation is in the process of completing a water well drilled 900+ feet down in outside Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. The children walk 3 hours for water from a dirty river. When the country goes into it's "dry season" all the water above ground dries up and the animals die.
Please let's not waste our most precious resource...water!

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Live Aloha: Showing care by offering rides

Posted on Jun 21, 2010 | Comments 0

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