C. O.

Joined Kanu Hawaii Aug 23, 2008
Hometown: Waianae, HI

Why I love Hawaii

It's my home. I grew up with local values, local food, and hanging out with local people. It's simply my home.

My interests

Listening to records (the original vinyl) and collecting random stuff.

Latest Stories shared by C. O.

The Great Pacific Patch: A Deadly, Silent Killer

Posted on Oct 11, 2008 | Comments 1

The scary thing about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is that, not only does it damage our marine life, but there are so many people in the world who have absolutely no idea what this is, nor do they realize the gravity of the situation. This is due to lack of media coverage of the issue.We as a...

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Pt. 1

Posted on Oct 7, 2008 | Comments 2

There is a big, white elephant in the room, but not many people notice it. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a large "patch" (according to Wikipedia, anywhere from 700,000 km2 to more than 15 million km2) of garbage that is floating at the surface of the Pacific Ocean. To imagine how big that is,...

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