Keana Okuda

Joined Kanu Hawaii Sep 17, 2008
Hometown: Hilo, HI
Designer, Writer, Entrepreneur

About me

I am Keana Okuda, founder of designer, writer, and entrepreneur. Born and raised on the Island of Hawai`i and a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, I stand ready to contribute to an already amazing locality, by supporting the Kanu mission.

Why I love Hawaii

Unique in its location, people, and business, Hawai`i has the opportunity to become a sustainability model for the rest of the world. (Not to mention, it's where I call home.)

It's not just about being green; sustainability includes economic, cultural, environmental, and social elements. Hawai`i is blessed with the resources humans need to achieve a truly viable, sustainable future. The natural environment, the native culture -- with its emphasis on aloha and `ohana -- and a broad-based commitment to clean technology makes Hawai`i the perfect proving ground for the global green revolution. Moving toward sustainability doesn't mean giving up the modern conveniences we already enjoy everyday. It's about creating equilibrium between our rich, cultural traditions and ever-changing modern innovations. All we need to thrive sits before us, implicit in this `aina and its people. With inspiration and motivation Hawai`i can lead the way.

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