Kamaile Kekahuna

Joined Kanu Hawaii Mar 6, 2009
Hometown: Waianae, HI
to live a positive and healthy life, kako'o (support) anyone in need... me ke aloha.

About me

Aloha mai kakou, my name is Kamaile Kekahuna and I am from the island of Maui. With my 4 year old son Haokea by my side, I've been able to grow and learn about the value of life. We both just moved to O'ahu last year, and have moved at least 3 times in the past 4 months. O'ahu is definitely a different landscape from small town Maui, but it's uniquely beautiful and I've grown an appreciation for it's diverse communities, cultural significance and panoramic views. My makua, Kamaile and Lonohiwa, have been tremendous influences in our lives. They've instilled simple Hawaiian values upon those they've touched and are self-less assets as they advocate for the Hawaiian language community. It is with their support that I graduated with a BA in Human Relations in Organizations and continue to pursue an MA in Political Science.

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