Annie Au Hoon

Joined Kanu Hawaii Nov 6, 2010
Hometown: Downtown, HI
Executive Assistant, SCHHA

About me

Native Hawaiian Woman
,5 beautiful kids and a resilient husband
Kupuna of 2 boys and a girl on the way. (And I love it!)
Passion to serve community on multiple levels
Committed to being a public servant to others
Hug someone like you mean it, connect to another soul

Why I love Hawaii

Hawaii is unique, Its people are unique, Hawaiian is the culture, language and its indegenous peoples.
Home grown born - In tutu's hale, midwife delivery by other tutu. Raised by elder generation, in a big family. Melting pot of races, religions, cultures and generations.
Charter school movement -Culture + Academics = Best of both worlds for my children's and the next generations.
Fortunate to have five generations alive today!
Live, Love and Laugh with Aloha!

My interests

Compassion and Unconditional love for all.
My work of serving community.
Helping those who need help.
My children are my life, My community is my hobby, my commitment is to be of service as my life calling.
My grandhildren are my future and my legacy.
The people in life are the souls that Ive crossed paths with, in times before and in the future.
To all of you, who know me, Safe be the journey!

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I can be just Simply Annie.....

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