Vanessa Lum

Joined Kanu Hawaii Feb 4, 2011
Hometown: Kapolei, HI
Analyst by trade, seeker by heart.

About me

A sixth generation person of Chinese descent, my ancestor ventured out from the known rice paddies in Southern China, following his dream of a better life in a far off mystical place called Gold Mountain. Lucky for me, California was not to his liking and he ventured off to the Hawaiian Islands, while his brother took a steamer ship to Ecuador. I am part of a family of over six hundred descendants that live in Hawaii and the Mainland. My fathers career choice in the military gave me the opportunity to see for myself how special these Islands are and why it is called Paradise! I have traveled to many places and cultures - and have a deep connection and citizenship to the rest of the seven billion souls that call this Earth home!

Why I love Hawaii

It is home. I feel connected and at peace with the energy and spirituality of this place!

My interests

Too many to count!

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