Diga Kern

Joined Kanu Hawaii Jul 14, 2011
Hometown: Pahoa, HI
farmer, educator

About me

I am a 1/3 partner in Dragon's Eye Farm in the area of Kapoho, Puna District, Hawai`i Island. With my partners and children, we grow 90% of the food we consume year-round and contribute food to 10 other families. We raise lettuce and fish in an aquaponic system, have 350 laying hens, 3 dairy cattle, sheep, soil gardens, and orchards. The farm has adopted the Korean Natural Farming method which emphasizes respect for nature and generating agricultural inputs from farm by-products. I volunteer in the local Koa`e 4-H Club teaching Personal Development, and chair Dragon's Eye Learning Center which offers children's programs, adult workshops, and internships relating to ecological agriculture in Hawai`i.

Why I love Hawaii

I love Hawai`i because we are blessed to be able to grow food year-round! I also very much appreciate the diversity of cultural backgrounds that influence Island life. Hawai`i has the potential to be substantially food and energy independent, these values of decentralization and localization I hold dearly. And, of course, the beach!

My interests

I have played music since I was a child and currently enjoy playing in and directing a 7 piece marimba ensemble that rehearses at our farm. I love children and do my best to serve as a positive role model for youth about how people can be responsible, passionate, and creative during these pivotal times on our planet.

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