About Shifted Energy

Shifted Energy creates and deploys large scale solutions to shift peak energy loads and store renewable energy via fast, automated Demand Response solutions.

Reduce peak load demand, increase renewable energy use

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The way we use energy has shifted dramatically. We rely more and more on renewable energy that ebbs and flows. Sometimes this energy shows up when we don't really need it like at night. Shifted Energy designs, installs, and supports systems to allow our homes and businesses to take in more renewable energy when available and use it when needed. This shift in taking in energy and using it later can help us consume more renewable energy and reduce the amount of energy we have to produce during our peak hours.

Shifted Energy came out of years of energy work Kanu has done across Hawaii primarily in underserved communities. We have installed hundreds of devices and worked directly with hundreds of families.

Proceeds from Shifted Energy are used to help fund Kanu's other food, energy, and waste programs.

Learn more at http://ShiftedEnergy.com/.

Shifted Energy is funded in part by the Energy Excelerator.
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