Buy a locally grown Christmas tree

Nov 14, 2008 by Josh Stanbro

GOOD CHEER! Take action to simplify the holidays by buying a locally-grown Christmas tree.


O'ahu's ONLY Christmas-tree farm, Helemano Farms in Wahiawa, has generously offered the local 'aina advocacy organization, KAHEA: The Hawaiian-Environmental Alliance, an opportunity to fundraise by selling pono, locally grown Christmas trees during this holiday season... a 6-ft tree for only $40!

KAHEA is an islands-wide alliance of environmental advocates, Native Hawaiian cultural practitioners, scientists, activists and thousands of individuals. Together, the KAHEA alliance is committed to securing the strongest possible protections for Hawaii's most ecologically important, endangered, and culturally sacred resources.

Why should you buy a locally grown tree from KAHEA? A few perfect reasons:

  • Did you know that each year 100,000 trees are shipped to Hawai'i in some 500 container loads!?! These imported trees can introduce invasive species to our islands.
  • By buying local, there is no fossil fuel used for shipping. Since they are grown locally they will not introduce invasive pests. Plus, you will be supporting a sustainable local farm business.
  • Your 'ohana gets to enjoy the tradition of picking out your own tree, choosing from 10,000 mature trees at the farm.
  • Helemano Farms is careful to cut the trees so that the remaining stump will regrow into another tree.


Spread the word to all your family, friends & office, and help KAHEA fundraise this holiday season! KAHEA will get $7 for each tree they sell! And Earth Friends Wildlife Fund will match every dollar raised! Mahalo piha to the Helemano 'ohana for sharing the holiday cheer with KAHEA!

Call or email KAHEA: toll free 1-888-528-6288;


Credit Card- You can order your tree online by following this link, or orders are also accepted by phone by calling KAHEA toll free at 1-888-528-6288

Check- made out to "KAHEA", with "Christmas Tree" in the memo section.
    KAHEA/Christmas Tree
    1149 Bethel St, #415
    Honolulu, HI 96813

In-person- at KAHEA's Chinatown offices on Bethel St.- just call ahead to be sure someone's in!

  • For all orders KAHEA will give you a ticket that you redeem at the farm whenever you are ready to pick out your tree.
  • Helemano Farms will be open for tree selection starting Nov. 26. You can order your tree from KAHEA now!
  • Wreaths may be available too, call/email KAHEA if interested.
  • Please note: KAHEA is only selling tree orders, you get to pick out your own tree at Helemano Farms in Wahiawa. KAHEA cannot deliver the trees or sell them direct.

For more info, check  &  &

The work that KAHEA accomplishes is possible only through the support of individuals like you! KAHEA is committed to fundraising 'taroroots'-style. And in the spirit of keeping it real, KAHEA does not solicit or accept any corporate or Federal money. This makes your support all the more important!

If not interested in a tree, you can still support KAHEA by making a contribution online at
or by mail to:

1149 Bethel St, #415, Honolulu, HI 96813. 

Every dollar you give is matched by the Earth Friends Wildlife Fund.  MAHALO PIHA!  


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