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Aug 18, 2009 by Dom w.


I'll start off this blog with life. Just recently was the start of my family's weekly growth of sprouts. We fill a jar with them and have a large bowl ready a few days later to eat. I also started growing carrots right outside of my tent from recycled toilet rolls.

Eating local isn't easy. More than 85% of our food is still imported. I'll admit, as a hungry teenager it is hard to get enough food, but the results are much more satisfactory and plentiful. As a teenager and resident of Hawai'i- I have found that it is vital to grow some sort of food to sustain my family. Currently I have a large Kalo patch and numerous bananas that overrule the amount of any other food. Among the small amounts are sweet potatoes, wild guava, lichi, wild lilikoi, tomatoes and many others.

Imagine never having to go to a store to get food for yourself- imagine being able to trade something for another from a friend or neighbor. This was done in the past- why can't it be done now? Just recently I traded Kalo with my friend down the street for some sweet potatoes. It was simple, easy and inspiring to do more of.

Nature never wastes anything, everything is in balance.

When something dies, everything provides growth for new life. Whether it is a tree trunk that provides shelter and food for animals or an animal itself providing the food for others.
My greatest lesson from nature is patience and balance.
I have been living in and out of my tent for the past few months. I would rather be in it every day- however because it is a cheaper model I bought, it has ripped easily and even with an extra tarp over it- I tend to wake up in large puddles over and over regardless of patching and new locations.
I have just completed my first written film that I created in the summer, called Fresh Air (see it on, which is my hope to reach out to audiences and the world. I've attempted to pour my heart out with its message and so far I've gotten a positive reaction. I just got a comment from a stranger saying "Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom with everyone. Time for me to unplug again and Just Be."
This is what it is all about to me- sharing and "being". Part of the blog is for me to update what balance and harmony I have in life. My best friend and I have been talking endlessly about a simple life- yet we still have not made major changes. Some changes are unrealistic, but simple ones can be achieved. We strongly believe that mother earth is our first home and the sky is our 1st shelter. To live away from nature would hurt me greatly, so a balance is my goal. I have a garden that I somewhat maintain. It depends on the time- but I can be out there for hours or just a few minutes, or sadly even not at all. Every day my goal is, whether sun or rain I must take time to participate in the garden. I have hundreds of banana trees to cut and numerous Kalo to dig up and many lilikoi to pick. This is the start of my journey both outwards and especially inwards.
I moved my tent- it has been having major leakages with large puddles that soak up my sleeping bag and myself. I moved it about 10 feet under a lot of vines with surrounding sticks set up like a tipi. The transition was hard- I ripped the rain gear some more and nearly snapped a stick again (replaced it with bamboo- strong- but if bent can also snap). I enjoyed the light cool rain while continuously making my cat get out of the tent before I accidentally squish her from moving it around. I imagined doing this every day; taking it down and setting it up in one day in various locations. I hope to travel in the future. My goals are to earn money and save it for a good tent to camp out all over the Big island. For now I live in my backyard when I can to learn to simplify my life.
One of my goals is to cut down my electricity usage by using the sunlight for a time to read and write and night for peace and quiet.
My ultimate goal is to earn money, travel the islands, blog about it and create films to inspire others.


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