TheEcoBossProject - Commitment #32

Feb 3, 2010 by Keana Okuda

Looking for an easy way to put a stop to those unwanted catalogs? It took some time, but I've managed to eliminate all but one catalog from my mailbox - which I received a copy of this morning. Determined to out smart the sender, I jumped online and found Catalog Choice. Why hadn't anyone told me about this service sooner?! Catalog Choice is a free service that allows you to opt-out of catalogs with little effort and time. Go to their website, create an account, select the catalogs you no longer wish to receive (there are hundreds of common catalogs listed) and you're done. The catalog companies have to obey. I smell victory!

"As of October 31st, the Catalog Choice community is 86,146 persons strong, having opted out of 515,128 catalogs. (if you multiply that by the numerous times a year most catalogs come, that's millions of individual catalogs!) Per capita paper consumption in the United States exceeds 700 lbs/year, by far the most of any nation. There are 19 BILLION catalogs mailed every year in the US. Projects like Catalog Choice are helping to protect the world's endangered forests and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of wasteful and unnecessary paper consumption." Catalog Choice via The Paper Planet

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