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Mar 22, 2010 by Nova Lee | Story Popularity: 2


I recently went to green drinks in San Francisco and met an exciting sustainable wine company that use reusable stainless steel containers instead of wine bottles. To date the company has saved approximately 70,000 wine bottles from being needed. When one factors in all of the hauling and energy it takes to recycle there are few things that are actually reduces energy consumption in the process. The main one is steel most other products require equal or greater energy to make a new bottle as it does to make a recycled bottle. So Kanu members please continue to simplify and reduce your trash by using reusable.
Pictured is Andy, president of MAS wine, and I. He was really excited to see our reusable cup and we are working on integrating this into their future events. In the image is also one of their reusable stainless steel serving containers.


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  1. Aloha Kai says:

    Aloha Nova ~
    You are doing some excellent work! Keep it up and thank for informing us ...

  2. Nova Lee says:

    You got it Scott, I'll be over working on events in Oahu soon. Come meet up with us at Pau Hana April 21 and see some of the projects we have going. Aloha

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