Tom Berg (R) - House District 42

Sep 9, 2010 by Citizen Challenge

If elected, what is your highest priority for improving education in Hawai'i?

Audit the DOE- and have principals be true CEO's of their school...we should have longer school days and bring back physical education as mandatory throughout k-12. A healthy body spawns a healthy mind.....the state should legalize the game of BINGO to be played in school cafeterias so communities can bond better with their schools and raise money for those projects government has neglected. Air condition the schools NOW!

Do you support evaluation, tenure, and compensation for teachers and principals linked to student improvement?


If elected, what is your highest priority for improving jobs and the economy in Hawai'i?

You can't stimulate growth by taxing to death the very ones that have the tools to hire and expand and set up shop here. Repeal the DEATH TAX that punishes folks for succeeding. We have an exodus of businesses bolting to find better pastures - due to the Democrats taxing the wealthy to garner more revenue. This is out of whack. When was the last time a poor person hired you? So long as the H-1 Freeway stymies mobility, businesses will fold as they cannot afford to keep their drivers and goods and services crawling from place to place- we must expand the carrying capacity of our roads, and in return, watch businesses flourish. This can be accomplished by letting the private sector build the roads government cannot afford to build- PPP's- Public Private Partnerships is the key.

Which industries should we be investing in for Hawai'i's future?

Why don't we have a factory making mobile homes here? Why don't we have a dinner train from Waipahu to Haleiwa serving local cuisine from our area farms along the way? It is because our leaders have a lack of vision and don't like to make waves- this can change. Aquaculture- for food, wave technology for energy, and a tourist train stymied by that lack of vision here in Hawaii. A private investor came to Hawaii and wanted to use the old right of way from days past that catered to trains...he could have stimulated the economy here and provided many jobs without one penny coming from government- but government said we have no PUC to handle sad. If elected, what is your highest priority for strengthening local food production in Hawai'i? End the JONES ACT- plain and simple- let farmers utilize the ocean as a super highway to transport their goods....they are paying outrageous rates and trapped. Do you support stronger measures to keep prime agricultural lands in agriculture?


If elected, what is your highest priority for addressing energy and climate change?

Entice those who can master geothermal, wave, solar, and wind power; and for those that can hook up that power to our government buildings should get massive tax breaks....make them want to experiment - make them want to come here and develop.....end the monopoly HECO has upon us all.

Do you support the continuation of the State solar investment tax credits, including the refundable credits which allow low-income people to participate?


If elected, what is your highest priority for addressing poverty and homelessness in Hawai'i?

The Democrats just don't get it. They introduced and tried to pass a new Real Estate Tax, a new Maintenance Fee Tax- go to my website- and watch over 200 youtubes I made that show what contributes to the plight of those who cannot afford rent. One example- Reps. Cabanilla and Mizuno go to the beach, talk to homeless folks- they ask them- "What is keeping you from getting housing?" The homeless responded- "Rents just keep going up and are out of reach." So the last thing government should do is compound the problem with a MAINTENANCE FEE TAX that those two Reps tried to pass and voted for it- the new tax gets passed on to those trying to pay it. Just plain out of whack- stop electing Democrats who increase taxes on all of us so their contributors (public unions) can continue to gouge us.

Do you support the "housing first" model which places the homeless into permanent housing (vs. temporary shelters) as a first step toward stabilizing their lives?

Do Not Support

Can you give examples of how your current political campaign has/will model island values of aloha and kuleana?

If one wants shelter and cannot afford it- our state should deploy TENT CITIES so they are safe, get services and the health - sanitary conditions they deserve. Just because one is homeless does not mean "we" should treat them worse than an animal in a zoo or look the other way. What is being deployed is not working. Let's try what Mayor Fasi wanted and is expanding throughout America- TENT CITIES. It's worth the try. I am a member of the Kalaeloa Advisory Team- HCDA- I have been fighting to get a tent city there. Please help me accomplish this.

Would you/have you sent your children to Hawai'i's public or public charter schools? Why or why not?

Charter schools are better. They are more efficient, and parents have more of a say.

What actions have you taken to help address the needs of the poor or homeless in your community?

I am fighting for a TENT CITY. I am fighting against the taxes that create the homeless plight to begin with. I support the Patriot Walk Run yearly here in Ewa Beach to help homeless vets- check out my videos on my website link to youtube domain- TBERGHAWAII

What actions have you taken in your home or office to conserve energy and/or cut greenhouse gas emissions?

I use natural sunlight to guide me throughout the day instead of turning on the lights...I made youtubes for the use of electric car expansion for Hawaii to help promote that....bottom line, buy the new energy saving appliances and water saving toilets!

What locally grown products or foods have you purchased in the last month?

All the time- we have a farmer's market in Ewa Beach and Waipahu and I hit up the local stands when available on Farrington Highway. Tomatoes, bananas, and cucumbers are my staples- sometimes melons.

Anything else you would like to add?

Your question on HOUSING FIRST is skewed- folks who start making big bucks can swindle the system and get the special rates and abuse those rates. Permanent housing works so long as the housing materials used are low maintenance- I favor YURTS. These yurts are becoming more popular on the Big Island- merely hose it down for cleaning- and the cost is about $10-15k for 800-1200 sq ft. Doable!!! Change Hawaii's zoning laws now so folks can live again!


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