My Inner Epicurean Blossoms: Day 9 of 60 Days of Eating

Sep 12, 2010 by Andrea Dean

My Inner Epicurean Blossoms: Day 9- My Experiments with Food Truth- 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

My inner epicurean emerged today. I am usually a very simple cook, my food preparations are relatively simple- I steam, I fry, I make simple soups and salads, or I eat the food in its natural state. But tonight, inspired by the great food that I have and fueled by papaya-ginger-lehua honey mead, I pulled off a truly gourmet meal!

I made a Waimea romaine salad and sprinkled it with certified organic little yellow flowers. I dressed the salad with a little olive oil (not finding the mac nut oil, people!) and Tahitian lime. I topped the salad with seared Ahi served with tomato, green onion, chili pepper and fruit salsa that I made myself!

Many of the great ingredients I used tonight were from shopping at KTA today.

I made the most colorful fruit salad ever- two colors of dragon fruit, ka'u oranges and strawberries. Even the compost looked good enough to eat.

Being that I was on such a roll, I also made custard from local North Kohala eggs, Mountain Apple Brand milk, Hawaiian Vanilla Company vanilla and Volcano Island Honey.

And as if that wasn't enough practicing of the domestic arts, I also made yogurt. At least I hope I made yogurt. I won't know until the morning if I was successful. I tried to make yogurt the other night but got on the computer and forgot about the milk on the stove. I burned the milk. Twice. Then my husband shut off the light on my microwave, which I use as my incubator. The "yogurt" the next morning was just weired smelling warm and burned milk.


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