Beauty & the Bounty: Day 12 of 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

Sep 15, 2010 by Andrea Dean | Story Popularity: 3

Beauty & the Bounty: Day 12- My Experiments with Food Truth- 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

I was on my way to chanting tonight and I spotted it on the side of the road. A sign - Fresh Fish ONO. I hit the brakes. Swerve off the road. Fling open the car door. March (walk? strut? sashay?) my way over to the back of the pickup. "Hi, I'm Andrea," I say. And then I start blabbering at a million miles an hour about the eat locally grown campaign, etc. One of the guys is doing Take It Off Hawaii - they get points for eating locally grown foods! It is on my list to call all of the team leaders tomorrow to see if the Take it Off Hawaii folks might want to take the Kanu Eat Local Challenge. Anyway, one of the kind gents sold me a huge bag of fish for $20.

After sufficiently calming myself by chanting I stopped by to see my friend Richard Benton. Richard read about my 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown on Facebook and asked me to stop by his farmstead. Richard is an amazing gardener. Actually, gardener is not quite the right word. Richard is one of these amazing people who are attuned to plants, to water, to soil. The land and the plants are all happy. Thriving. Vibrant. Busting. Calm. Richard shared some of the bounty of his farm with me. I feel like a princess in a fairy tale where beautiful gifts of the finest foods are bestowed upon me.


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  1. Olin Lagon says:

    Wow locally grown cinnamon! I have no idea what some of those food items the "starfish" looking thing. Wow what a set for a feast!

  2. Andrea Dean says:


    The starfish looking thing is bilimbi:
    It is dried.. tart. Kind of like eating a tart cherry.


  3. Olin Lagon says:

    Thanks Andrea. I learn something new every day. We have Suriname cherries growing in our yard. Super tart but delicious. Wonder if they taste similar.

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