The Devil Made Me Do It: Day 19 of 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

Sep 22, 2010 by Andrea Dean

The Devil Made Me Do It: Day 19- My Experiments with Food Truth- 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

There was a local beer tasting down at Lighthouse Liquors today (Lighthouse Deli is one of our North Kohala Eat Locally Grown participants!). Rebecca Villegas from Kona Brewing Co. came out to Hawi to conduct the beer tasting. I knew that the beer was not 100% local, but the Devil Made Me Do It! How good can a girl be? I stuck to the Pipeline Porter, because that was the most local of the beers that were on hand. (I only had a little, I swear!) The Pipeline Porter uses locally grown coffee, is brewed in Kona and was bottled from the tank into a growler. The other beers in the tasting were in bottles, which are brewed and bottled on the mainland. Kona Brewing utilizes a lot of local ingredients in their food and beers.


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