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Sep 22, 2010 by mailelaulii neff


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PLEASE NOTE: This offer was posted as part of the 2010 Eat Local Challenge, and may no longer be valid. It is preserved here for archival purposes, and to recognize our generous partners. Mahalo!
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Oahu Fresh is a local business providing delivery of a farmer's market bag of fresh produce. They are interested in serving clients who wish to support locally grown food and products but do not have the time or ability to attend a farmer's market themselves and will deliver to your office or home, primarily in the downtown area. They provide a list of bag items and recipes weekly on their website and a monthly newsletter highlighting various agriculture and sustainable farming/gardening information. They use re-usable bags to deliver produce in and purchase from both organic and conventional growers who use good agricultural practices. They are also beginning to act as a liaison to help small local venues to utilize more fresh local produce.

As a part of the Eat Local Challenge, Oahu Fresh is offering Subscription to Oahu Fresh delivery with no registration fee, delivery of your bag to Kanu Pau Hana events or your office/home!

www.oahufresh.com http://www.oahufresh.com/

Follow Oahu Fresh on Twitter @oahufresh

Posted as part of the 2010 Eat Local Challenge Market and Product Deals Page


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