'Ulu and a Lamb Education: Day 27 of 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

Sep 30, 2010 by Andrea Dean


'Ulu and a Lamb Education: Day 27- My Experiments with Food Truth- 60 Days of Eating Locally Grown

I am happy to report that my tapioca pudding made from the fresh cassava I got yesterday came out awesome! It was a hit at the Eat Local Challenge potluck in Waimea tonight. I probably over cooked it, because I have that tendency. I cut the cassava in half and peeled it. Then I boiled the big root pieces. I was faced with grating all of that cassava and decided that I had to get a food processor. I had to go to Kona today and stopped in at Costco and bought a food processor for $79, which is possibly one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I grated up all of that cassava in no time. Then I pulverized a good deal of it with milk and added honey, fresh cinnamon (locally grown from Richard Benton!) and eggs. You just have to bring it to a boil for a few minutes with the variety of cassava that I got. Different varieties have different levels of toxic cyanogenic glucosides, so knowing what you have and how to prepare it is important. Just ask the farmer or grow it yourself. Thankfully my son was home and willing to hang out and stir while I went to visit with Ralph Blancato to score some ulu.

Ralph and Laura have an amazing place where they grow a variety of native trees, hardwoods, fruit (great mangoes!), ulu and more. I will be cooking up the ulu tomorrow in our Stone Soup Club. Ralph also raises sheep for meat and he explained to me the difference between sheep, mutton, weaver, ewes, lamb and rams!


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