[Eat Local 2010] Day 7... Definitely the least local

Oct 3, 2010 by Joannie Pan

I've enjoyed this year's Eat Local Challenge very much. Awesome energy and engaged in awesome conversations over good food. The challenge wasn't much of a challenge for me since I didn't commit to eating all local this week, but I've learned so much this week about eating local. Mahalo for this opportunity!

::Breakfast:: sweet potato leaves from garden, avocado from friend's garden, whole wheat bread (not local), oatmeal (not local), jabong from garden and nectarine (not local).

::Lunch:: saba sashimi (not local) with local seaweed, white rice (not local), miso soup (not local), and tsukemono (not local).

::Dinner:: brown rice (not local), quinoa salad (maybe the cherry tomatoes were local), chickpeas (not local), pulled pork (not sure), greens (not sure), thai vegetable curry (not sure about the veggies), and vegan chocolate cake (don't think it's local).


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