Making this a Christmas to remember, one pumpkin at a time.

Dec 9, 2010 by Kari Z.


As a mom, I work really hard to share my passions, my gifts, my energy with my children. We have been really working hard on recycling more, using re-usable waterbottles and containers for lunches, and taking our bags with us to the stores. We have routinely donated clothes to a local church and only replaced what we needed. The kids have cleaned out their old toys and passed them on to Goodwill so other kids can enjoy them.

But with Christmas coming (and two children who still believe in Santa), I can't help but think about all that gets wasted, even with the best of intentions. Not just wrapping paper and packages, but toys with a million batteries, or toys made of such cheap plastic that there's no hope of passing them on because they'll be trashed in a week.

So this year, my goal is to buy more quality products...things the kids will still have a few years from now. Toys that don't require batteries, but imagination. Art supplies to encourage their creative sides. Gifts of time. Memories.

I always try to talk to my kids about why we do the things we do, but you can't always tell what is being processed and what is being ignored. So when my husband and I suggested that the kids make things for Christmas instead of buying things, we weren't sure what the response was going to be.

Imagine the pride in my heart when my 8 year old not only declared he was making gifts, but would reuse containers he had in his room to wrap them in! Even better *and oh so festive* when he came down carrying his Halloween bucket with a picture inside for his dad! I have a feeling this will not only be a funny Christmas memory, but also the start of a new tradition!


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