reduce, REUSE, recycle!

Dec 17, 2010 by Michelle Fujii


I've been making a conscious effort to focus on all 3 of these famous R's. As an admitted shopaholic and consumer, this is more difficult than it appears. A great sale will still get the best of me, but for the most part I stop and carefully think about if i really NEED to purchase something, whether it be a new top or buy one get one free yogurt.

I'm currently in the middle of house renovations. My boyfriend and I are moving into an older place, which calls for a lot of renovations. We gutted the entire bathroom to replace rotten walls and to maximize what little space we have. In the process, we dumped the old toilet, sink and tub... well, as you can see, i kept the tub. :)

In my effort to REUSE something that would be sitting in the landfill, we created a large planter. An old tub is a perfect gardening pot as it is deep, holds tons of dirt and has a hole perfect for drainage. My handy bf, the plumber, built a fancy little watering system and shade for my "new" tub planter. I'm excited for this new stage of growth, in many aspects of life. :)

Check out to source a deconstructed tub of your own!


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