Some behind the scenes pictures from our video shoot yesterday

Apr 19, 2011 by Olin Lagon | Story Popularity: 2


We've gotten quite a few requests to produce some content that better explains Kanu and the work of the community. A few folks also suggested that video is a great format to share we talked it over and decided to try our hand at creating a series of short videos. We spent a couple of hours filming at Ho'omaluhia yesterday and should have some videos ready shortly. We are not experts! But the experience was fun. If anyone has video editing experience and would like to help us amateurs clean stuff up, do let us know :)

Mahalo for the suggestions!


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  1. A.B. says:

    Tight! Who's filming?

  2. Olin Lagon says:

    Tyler did most of the filming, Ryan filmed Tyler. We are newbies so hopefully we'll get better at shooting video. I shot the stills so no pics of me in the video above :)

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