One of the best bowls of soup I have ever had

Apr 22, 2011 by Olin Lagon | Story Popularity: 2


Today I picked up a bowl of soup I got through a Kanu Values deal - hand made bowl donated by a local artist, choice of soup from Whole Foods Kahala, and a $10 gift card from Whole Foods. I paid $15 for this deal and 100% of the proceeds went to support the Empty Bowl project, a grassroots movement to end hunger. The video above is of Jeff Chang creating some of the bowls. The picture shows just how many beautiful bowls were available at the Whole Foods event...I had to pick up and hold a bunch of them before I chose mine.

This deal was amazing on so many levels.

First, I had just learned of the Empty Bowl project a couple of months ago in Hawaiian Airline's in flight magazine. There was a short article about a fundraiser they did downtown where local potters created and donated bowls and restaurants donated soup. People donated money, chose a bowl, chose soup, and enjoyed a simple meal with hundreds of other people that attended the event. Wish I had known about the event. I would have gone! Well I missed it but didn't miss this follow on event held at Whole Foods Kahala.

Second, I got to keep the bowl I chose. Because the bowl is made from high quality ceramic and glaze, it's both microwave and oven safe. This will be my new daily bowl and is a way to remind myself of the hunger that exists in our community and to not forget that there are things I can do to help fight hunger. It's also a good size to also remind me not to overeat :)

Third, I got a gift card from Whole Foods which I used to buy some veggies :)

Last, I bumped in a few Kanu members picking up soup as well and it was nice to share a simple meal together and talk story.

This was the best $15 I have spent in a long time. Mahalo to all of the Potter Guild volunteers that manned the booths, the potters that donated their art, and Whole Foods for donating the space, yummy soup (actually really yummy), and the gift cards. May our small actions add to the mission to end hunger in Hawaii.


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  1. Wendi Kamiya says:

    I too got my bowl...and love that it's unique, and better yet, will remind me of the Empty Bowl project each time I use it. Mahalo!

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