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May 15, 2011 by Brandon Hayashi


"Island Energy Opportunities at the Pump, Plug and Pallet"
An engaging evening that looks at climate change solutions, and Hawai'is energy opportunities

What: Viewing of Carbon Nation followed by a panel discussion with Richard Ha (Hamakua Springs Country Farms), Scott Seu (HECO), Brian Goldstein (Better Place) and moderator Burt Lum (Bytemarks Cafe)

When: Monday, May 16; 7pm film viewing and 8:30pm panel discussion

Where: Bambu Two Cafe + Martini Bar (1144 Bethel Street; 528.1144)

Who: Co-sponsored by Kanu Hawai'i and Don Brown

How Much: general admission: $10; Kanu members: $8 (you can become a member at this event!)

Why: Kanu Hawai'i is launching its Energy Challenge 2011 on July 4th. This event is the first to raise awareness about the Energy Challenge goals, as well as the issues that face us if we continue on the path of a business as usual fossil-fuel based economy.


Carbon Nation
No ordinary documentary about climate change. This film is focused on showcasing solutions, not entering into the political rhetoric or scientific arguments. It calls itself "a climate change solutions movie (that doesn't even care if you believe in climate change)."

Learn about what's being done across our country - you may be surprised to find out what is happening, and why people are doing it - in some cases, climate change isn't the driver for transformation.

While Carbon Nation looks at the larger climate change solutions, this panel puts the energy challenges|opportunities into a Hawai'i context and is meant to begin peoples' individual discussions and thinking around what energy means to us islanders, and how we (individually and collectively) can become more proactive in taking part in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Richard Ha (Hamakua Springs Country Farms), Scott Seu (HECO) and Brian Goldstein (Better Place) and moderator Burt Lum (Bytemarks Cafe) will each provide their unique perspective on how we can work together to make an impact.

Kanu Energy Challenge 2011
The Energy Challenge consists of four weekly challenges throughout the month of July: 1) energy audit; 2) appliances; 3) transportation; and 4) outreach, with the ultimate goal of empowering 2,000 households to make a 25% reduction in their July energy bill (electricity, gasoline and synthetic natural gas).

Join us in becoming a part of the challenge to change our energy consumption habits.

We will be dramatically expanding this site to include vetted resources|data, a calendar of events, numerous commitments to assist you in taking action, how-to videos, ways to measure your impact, as well as provide a forum for you to share your successes and learn from others. Keep an eye on this space.


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