Energy Challenge Contest Rules

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I. Eligibility

Anyone can participate in the Energy Challenge, but if you want to compete for prizes, then there are a few rules that apply.

Participants must complete the Eligibility & Data Release Form at to be eligible.
Both renters and owners are eligible to compete, but must have access to your electricity bill.

The following are not eligible to win:
-Board members and paid staff of Kanu Hawaii
-Homes that are vacant for more than 3 days during the month of July, 2011
-Homes that have reduced the number of occupants during the month of July, 2011
-Homes on Kauai are not eligible because data being used for this competition comes from Hawaiian Electric and Hawaii Energy (sorry, we will work to include Kauai in the competition in future years).

II. Prizes

- Free 120 gallon solar water heater with installation donated by RevoluSun
- Free whole home lighting retrofit donated by Energy Industries
- $400 in gift certificates for City Mill and other suppliers of energy-saving appliances
- Recognition on the Kanu Hawaii website and newsletter
A winner has the option to accept all or part of the package above, depending upon what fits with his/her household conditions.

III. Award Criteria

Prizes will be awarded to the household with the largest reduction in household electricity use during the month of July, 2011. Electricity reduction will be determined using billing data supplied by Hawaiian Electric and Hawaii Energy. Monthly kilowatt hour usage for June 2011 and July 2011 will be compared, and the percent change calculated using June 2011 as a base. If a participant's billing cycle is part way through a month, the bill including most of July will be compared to the prior bill. The household with the largest percentage drop in kilowatt hour use will be considered the winner.

IV. Award Process

Kanu Hawaii may conduct interviews with potential winners before an award is made to verify eligibility. A winner may choose not to accept a prize or prizes. In that case, the household with the next largest reduction will be selected as a winner. Prizes are not transferable to other persons. Once awarded, the winner takes responsibility and releases Kanu Hawaii from any liability associated with the contest, the prize and its installation. At the time of the award, the winner will be asked to grant to Hawaii Energy and Kanu Hawaii permission to use photographs, videos, interviews, sound clips, likeness in print and electronic media.

V. Rule Changes

Kanu Hawaii reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and criteria for the Energy Challenge Contest Rules in order to advance the purpose of the competition, which is to recognize and reward reductions in household electricity use. Changes in the award rules and criteria will be published online at Kanu Hawaii's website.


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