Eating Local at our house!

Aug 3, 2011 by Robyn Petterson | Story Popularity: 5


One thing we struggle with in our home is convincing our children to eat raw vegetables. My little one, 17 months, eats anything and everything. . . but is beginning to mimic his 3.5 year old brother's "YeeeeeUCH" whenever a vegetable is on his plate.

To give them the nutritional power punch of fresh, local produce. . . and in celebration of this years Eat Local Challenge; we went to Times and bought an array of local fruits and veggies (produce shopping with toddlers is super fun!)

We then took them home to have a Juice Party! Who knew a 3.5 year old could drink 4 servings of fruit and vegetables in one sitting, and happily too!

Our favorite recipe:
one japanese cucumber
2 cups of kale
3 starfruits
1/2 a beet


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  1. Olin Lagon says:

    Oh this is a great idea! I have to try this with my two boys :) Did you juice all of these raw?

  2. Thanks Olin, can't take credit for the idea but yes its all raw, and its so much fun for the kids! try watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, its on netflix .. .

    • Olin Lagon says:

      Funny you mentioned that movie...I just started watching that last week (I usually watch flicks in 15 min or so intervals :) so still got half more to finish). I never really ate beets until I lived in Russia then fell in love with the root. I now have to try it juiced. Thanks!

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