Eat what You HAVE

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Eat what You HAVE
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There is nothing like asking yourself..."Hmmm, what do I want for dinner?" Well, I should say there is nothing like answering that question by walking into your yard, looking around at your options, and picking your dinner... literally. Changing how the question gets answered does not come easy in the beginning. But before the modern grocery store, this is exactly what people did. They grew their own, and if they had to, they stored and jarred for the winter. Luckily winter is an even better growing season than the summer for us here in Hawaii.

Here is a little "Home Grown Curry" ingredient list:
Green Papaya
Sweet Potato
Green Onion or Leek
Green Beans/Pole Beans/Long beans
Pumpkin and/or squash (if you are able to grow them)
Thai Basil
Kaffir Lime Leaf
...and... make your own coconut milk in your juicer (plus cheese cloth and press)... if you can of course...

Needless to say, there are many more things you could throw in... but since these are all really easy to grow without pesticides and can be grown all year... they made it on my list.

Save all of your veggie trimmings, feed them to your worms or put them in the compost pile. I use my lawn clippings for my compost pile. All of that goodness goes back into the gardens ... constantly recycling nutrients.

The most important question now is not "What do I want for Dinner?" but "What can I make with what I have?"

Today my local dish is what I call Kale Pie... but its not really a pie...

Kale and Chard Chopped (home grown-enough to fill a large mixing bowl)
8 Crimini Mushrooms julienned (Small Kine Farms)
1 Onion diced (Twin Bridge Farm)
1/4 lb. Feta (Naked Cow Dairy)
2 Eggs (Tin Roof Ranch... or other friends with hens)
Lemon or lime (homegrown)
Hawaiian Sea Salt

Saute onion in Mac Nut Oil or Naked Cow Butter... add mushrooms and pinch of salt
Toss in greens and squeeze of lime. Turn until cooked but still brightly colored. Let cool and mix in 2 beaten eggs, feta. Pus in 9 inch pyrex baking dish and bake at 375 for 20 mins. Serve with eggs for breakie, for lunch with soup main, with dinner as main or side dish.

Finding ways to eat what you have, eat what's local, and keep the nutrients in the soil can change our world.


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  1. Olin Lagon says:

    Wow that is a beautiful spread of fruits and veggies! Thanks for the recipes. I'm going to try your Kale Pie :)

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