Compost Pile Surprise!

Sep 3, 2011 by Cathy Kawano-Ching | Story Popularity: 8


In a small corner of my back yard, far far away from the house in order to keep marauding rats, mice, flies, roaches, mongoose, or pigs from getting too close to our lanai, I have a lazy woman's compost pile. Basically, I dug a hole and started to throw in kitchen produce scraps layered with dirt and grass clippings. When the first pile turned into a mini mountain, I dug another hole next to it and started to fill it. I turn each pile regularly. Much to my delight, these primitive compost piles are growing monster worms that are multiplying at a scary rate. I've been told by friends who know how to do this kind of thing that this is a good sign.

Another unexpected blessing in my compost piles has been the bounty of "volunteer" fruit and veggies sprouting in the piles. Sweet potatoes abound, pineapple, avocado, araimo, taro, kabocha, dill, summer squash and tomatoes, OH MY!


Anything I purposely plant dies a slow, painful death due to neglect, but the volunteers are thriving! I know this mean I'm not composting properly, but given I'm a black thumbed gardener, it's like Christmas morning every time I visit my compost piles and see the abundance of green goodness growing!


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  1. Annie Koh says:

    Lazy woman's compost sounds like the perfect solution for me. I suspect that's how many fruit trees have gotten started!

  2. Carmille Lim says:

    haha! I'm inspired to create a lazy woman's compost pile now. How are the veggies - are you actually eating them?

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