Ola Loa Wellness Eat Local Recipe Guide 1: Coconut Banana Mac-aroons

Sep 7, 2011 by Skya Boudousquie | Story Popularity: 3

Coconut Banana Mac-aroons

Yields 8 servings
-4 medium local apple bananas
-7 oz organic Creamed Coconut
-½ C shredded coconut, unsweetened
-½ tsp Hawaiian sea salt
-Optional: raw (preferably soaked, dehydrated) &/or dry roasted macadamia nuts, ⅓ cup or to taste

Puree bananas in food processor; add creamed coconut and salt. Pulse in shredded coconut. Stir in raw &/or dry roasted macadamia nuts. Shape into little mounds on an oiled baking sheet. Broil on low (or bake at 350˚) for 15 minutes.


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