Ola Loa Wellness Eat Local Recipe Guide #2: Fish, Breadfruit and Vegetable Vindaloo

Sep 21, 2011 by Skya Boudousquie | Story Popularity: 1

Fish, Breadfruit and Vegetable Vindaloo
-3 medium sliced onions
-4-6 T unrefined coconut oil
-1-2 lbs market veggies cut into bite size pieces (here we used green & purple eggplant, okra, long beans, and zucchini)
-8 cloves garlic, minced
-4” piece ginger, minced
-2-4 whole red peppers (deseeded = less spicy), or ground red pepper to taste
-2” piece turmeric, minced
-1-2 tsp mustard seeds
-1 tsp cumin seeds
-4 T thick tamarind juice (see instructions below)
-2 T raw apple cider vinegar
-1 lb local wild fish, filleted and cubed into bite size pieces (variation: shelled shrimp, scallops, other seafood)
-3-4 T chopped cilantro (Chinese parsley) leaves
-Optional: unripe breadfruit, steamed, peeled, deseeded, and cubed into bite size pieces
-1/2 C filtered water
-Salt to taste

Heat the oil and saute onions until soft, preferably slightly caramelized. Fry spices in the oil with the onions until fragrant (mustard seeds will start to pop), about 2 minutes. Add vegetables, salt to taste, and saute until tender (you may alternate sauteing and covering). Meanwhile, prepare tamarind pulp (see below). Once vegetables are cooked, add tamarind juice, vinegar, and water. Let simmer for 3-5 minutes until vinegar smell mellows. Add raw fish and coriander leaves. Cook, stirring frequently, for 5 minutes or until fish pieces just turn opaque throughout. Do not overcook. If using breadfruit, gently stir in cooked pieces at this time. Remove pan from heat and transfer contents to a serving dish. Enjoy alone or with a little brown basmati rice.

Variations: no meat, tempeh, or chicken. If using chicken: Option 1, bone in cuts: precook on the grill or in the oven, then then add at same time as fish is added above. Option 2, deboned: add raw to cooked onion and spice mixture and sautee before adding veggies. Complete recipe as above omitting fish. Option 3, bone in: add raw pieces to seasoned onion mixture with an extra ½ cup water. Cover and simmer until cooked through, then add vegetables and complete as above, omitting fish.

Tamarind Juice/ Pulp: If you buy tamarind in the pod, peel away the shell and internal strings first. Once tamarind is peeled (or if purchased pre-peeled), place in a ceramic or metal bowl. Pour in just enough boiling water to cover. Once water has cooled and fruit has softened, wash hands and manually squeeze tamarind to soften fruit and remove seeds. Once tamarind has hydrated into a thick pulp, pass through a sieve to remove any remaining seeds or tough fibers. Use resulting thick pulp or juice in your favorite Thai or Indian dishes (as above).


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