Ola Loa Wellness Eat Local Recipe Guide #2: Roasted Sweet Potato with a Hint of Coconut

Sep 21, 2011 by Skya Boudousquie | Story Popularity: 1

Roasted Sweet Potato with a Hint of Coconut

Serves as many as you like
-Sweet potatoes, any assortment of colors, shapes and sizes – as much as you want
-Extra Virgin Coconut oil – drizzle to taste
-Hawaiian Alaea or other high mineral sea salt – to taste

Method 1: Pierce sweet potatoes in the oven and bake at 350˚ until soft and easily pierced with a fork. Slice, drizzle e with coconut oil, and salt to taste.

Method 2: Quickie version. Steam sweet potatoes whole in a steamer pot until easily pierced with a fork (about 15 minutes). Remove and slice into rounds. Drizzle with coconut oil and salt to taste. Optional: Bake in oven at 350˚ or low broil for more of a baked texture (5-10 minutes).


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