Kanu Newsletter: Labor Day - Thank Our Farmers

Sep 5, 2011 by Kasha Ho

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On this Labor Day, let us reflect and be grateful for those who work the land here in Hawai'i to bring us our locally grown food.
We had a wonderful kickoff event for the Eat Local Challenge at "Ag in the City" - showcasing young farmers and young up-and-coming chefs teaming up to prepare locally grown meals.

Seeing this next generation of chefs and farmers stand up for food sustainability made me feel so hopeful for our future.

Together we are building a new food system, one where people with a passion to work the land and prepare food are able to support their families, and take pride in sustaining their communities.

Challenge Week 1: Education - Learn about Hawai'i's Local Food System

Right now,  85% of our food comes from oversees. We are not producing enough to feed ourselves for more than a few weeks if these shipments stopped coming.  
In order to change, we must understand why.

Take this week's Challenge:
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Here are a few great places to get started, please share your mana'o throughout the month at http://www.kanuhawaii.org/talk/

The Hawaii Independent has an excellent series on Hawai'i's food situation, check out:
Kanu member Joannie Pan started some great conversation on Kanu:

Join the conversation - pose your thoughts and questions to the community.

Together we are demonstrating that people have power: as consumers, and as advocates, to change our local food system.

By taking the Eat Local Challenge we are making this issue personal, so that we feel at a gut level how important it is to be able to feed ourselves sustainably here in Hawai'i.

When we work together, our personal change becomes a public wave of support for the local farmers, chefs, and grocers who sustain us.
Mahalo for being a part of this change.

Team Kanu

If you're inspired, ask a friend to join you in the Eat Local Challenge


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