Buying 100% Local at Marukai as of 9/24/2011

Sep 25, 2011 by Julie Hasegawa | Story Popularity: 5

Apparently people doing all of their shopping at Marukai can also take part in the 100% Eat Local Challenge Week! Here's what I found:

-Chutoro Ahi
-Ahi Fillet
-Kauai Shrimp

-Ka Lei Eggs

-Maui Pineapple
-Thai Watermelon

Veggies (yes, again I consider tomatoes a veggie even though they're technically fruits):
-Green Bell Peppers
-Plum Tomatoes
-Japanese Peaman
-Sweet Peppers
-Sweet Corn

-Macadamia Nut Cooking oils
-Poi Powder
-Maui Upcountry Jams:
-Li Hing Pineapple
-Li Hing Mango
-Maui Peach
-Strawberry Guava
-Guava Jam
-Mango Chutney
-Maui-Onion Garlic Mustard

-Maui Rum

Anyone who solely shops at Marukai can still participate in the 100% Eat Local Week. Not being able to go to the farmers markets is again, no excuse!


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  1. Olin Lagon says:

    How are the prices at Marukai compared to Costco?

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