Want to help foster government transparency in Honolulu! Please sign up for City Camp by November 16

Nov 10, 2011 by Olin Lagon | Story Popularity: 4


Here is more information about the event. Hope to see a few Kanu members at the event!

City Camp Honolulu is sponsored by the City & County of Honolulu and has four main goals:

  1. Bring together local government officials, municipal employees, experts, programmers, designers, citizens and journalists to share perspectives and insights about the cities in which we live
  2. Create and maintain patterns for using the Web to facilitate local government transparency and effective local governance
  3. Foster communities of practice and advocacy on the role of the Web, mobile communication, online information, and open data in cities
  4. Create outcomes that participants will act upon after the event is over 

City Camp Honolulu is just the first step in an effort to explore and document ideas, lessons learned, best practices and patterns that can be implemented within the City & County of Honolulu and shared across municipalities. Our primary focus is the use of social/participatory media, mobile devices, linked open data and leveraging the Web as a platform for transparency, Open Government and civic engagement.

We’ve started a forum for topic sessions here http://citycamphnl.uservoice.com/forums/133940-ideas-for-city-camp-honolulu. Citizens can suggest and vote on topics.  The day of the event we’ll take the most popular 12-14 and allow the attendees to vote on which topics they would like to use for our breakout sessions.

We have a Twitter Page http://twitter.com/#!/citycamphnl and a FB page http://www.facebook.com/CityCampHNL. This is our webpage where you can register to take part in this event. http://citycamphnl.org

We’re looking to raise enough money so that after covering our costs we have prize money for the best ideas that come out of the conference. We will be holding a follow up hack-a-thon on Jan 21st to take the ideas generated at City Camp to the development level.  We’re going to allow teams to build prototypes of their ideas and present to a panel of judges. This is when we will select and award the best designs.

Dec 3rd at the UH campus center has been locked in, below is a rough agenda of the day, the panel discussions are a work in progress.  

8:30      Registration begins (Coffee & tea service)

9:00      Mayor Carlisle welcomes the group

9:30      Gordon Bruce – framing the day – what we hope to accomplish

9:45      Panel Discussion: Gordon & Forest (CIO & Deputy Director, C&C of Honolulu)

- The state of Data at the City and how we can leverage it

- Topics for first breakout session

10:15    Refreshment Break & sign up for breakout session #1

10:30    Breakout session #1

11:30    Break for lunch

12:30    Panel Discussion: Alyssa (Code for America), Jason (Red Hat Linux), Gordon (CIO C&C of Honolulu)

- Open Government: Making Government more accessible

- Ideas from other Municipalities

1:15      Sign up for breakout session #2

1:30      Breakout session 2

2:30      Refreshment break

2:45      Team formation, document potential approaches and solutions

3:45      Presentation of ideas

4:30      Wrap up, discussion of next steps, mahalo.


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  1. Mahalo Olin, looking forward to connecting with as many community folks as possible. The topic session link already has 27 great ideas that can be added to, voted on, or discussed.

  2. Olin Lagon says:

    Also, if anyone has ideas, please share them or vote on existing ideas at http://citycamphnl.uservoice.com/forums/133940-ideas-for-citycamp-honolulu.

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