Greening Our Office: Week 1 General Waste

Nov 21, 2011 by Melissa Matsubara | Story Popularity: 6


The Hawai’i Pacific University Downtown Academic Advising Office consists of 10 full time staff as well as two fabulous student workers. During Kanu Hawaii’s Waste Challenge ( we will try to do our part in reducing and diverting the waste we produce from the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill in hopes to share and learn from other offices trying to do the same. To see what inspired us please see our journal (

I'm also hoping to challenge other offices, departments and residence halls to reduce their waste. I'll keep you posted on our friendly competition.

A few things we're thinking of implementing
-Change printer settings to allow double-sided printing and printing 2 pages per-sheet.
-Single space documents, where possible.
-Set margins narrower for drafts.
-Change margins to avoid pages with little text.
-Use smaller typeface.
-Edit on the computer before printing.
-Designate one printer to only be stocked with recycled paper. One advisor named her, ‘Redusa’ A sping off of the greek godess with snakes for hair and a commitment to Reducing!
-Post office announcements in central locations.
-Share and circulate documents instead of printing a copy for everyone
-Moving towards electronic student files opposed to hard copy paper files.
-Switching to electronic forms of communication. No more letters in the mail, we’re switching to sending customized email letters.
-Using Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to provide information to students.
-One advisor cuts up old HPU posters, fliers and postcards to create holiday cards.
-We Opted out of receiving Telephone Books:
-We removed our address from receiving Junk Mail:
-Donate items we need to discard after cleaning out our storage area.


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  1. The College of Humanities and Social Sciences at HPU has decided to accept our No Waste Challenge!
    Let the games begin:)

    The impact we were able to measure for our week:
    During the week of September, granted it’s one of our busiest periods, we went through a box= 12 reams of paper in about a week. After we implemented the changes above, one box of paper lasted about 3 weeks. Redusa has become our main printer and we're now running low on recycled paper to feed her!

    Items we donated and diverted from the landfill:
    -Bulletin Board
    -Old Binders
    -Cleaning Products
    -Framed pictures and posters
    -Half used message pads
    -Various office supplies
    -Several toner cartridges for printers we no longer own
    -Straw basket
    -Old cleaning supplies
    -Tape recorder

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