Christmas 2010 wrapping paper

Nov 29, 2011 by Nancy Cook Lauer | Story Popularity: 4


Who would buy more paper that just ends up in the landfill? We wrapped all our packages last year in newspaper -- the bows are all reused from gifts others gave us.

Pretty enough, eh?

Plus, not just cheap, but free!

We also wrapped all our gifts to the Mainland in either newspapers or pretty pieces of Hawaiian patterned cloth that eventually got turned into patchwork quilts or decorative accents for others.


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  1. Great ideas Nancy!

    I am trying so hard to get my extended family on board with this idea. That big bag of wrapping paper after xmas morning has to stop. I started giving my gifts in decorative reusable grocery bags, like those from Old Navy or Forever21. They looked at me pretty funny the first time, but I made sure the bags made it to their car for shopping and not the garbage.

  2. Olin Lagon says:

    Nice wrapping :)

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