Greening Our Office: Week 2 Recycling and other Environmentally Friendly Practices

Dec 4, 2011 by Melissa Matsubara


The Hawai’i Pacific University Downtown Academic Advising Office consists of 10 full time staff as well as two fabulous student workers. During KanuHawaii’s Waste Challenge we will try to do our part in reducing and diverting the waste we produce from the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill in hopes to share and learn from other offices trying to do the same. To see what inspired us please see our journal (

Greening Our Office Week 1:
HPU's College of Humanities and Social Science has accepted our Waste Challenge under the leadership of Dr. Russell Hart:

A few things we will try to implement this week:
-Set-up recycle bins for paper, aluminum, glass and plastic bottles
-Recycle our Cardboard
-Borrowed reusable decorations for festivities
-Encourage everyone to shut down their computer at the end of the day
-Encourage everyone to turn off lights and equipment when they leave a room
-Shades down in the afternoon to keep things cooler
-Lower thermostat after hours
-Bring Water Cooler for our Advising Retreat and Farewell gatherings
-Buy juice and coffee in bulk that comes in recyclable packaging for semester Advising Workshops
-Encourage all attendees to bring reusable cups and mugs
-Avoid purchasing any food or snacks in single serving, disposable plastic
-Buy Hand Sanitizer in bulk and refill our pump bottles

Oh and of course we're all going to the Carrot Mob on Dec. 10th:


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