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Dec 9, 2011 by Jasper C. | Story Popularity: 7


Hi Kanu Hawaii Members, my name is Jasper. As part of my school project, I decided to raise awareness about the benefits of biking. It has positively impacted my life in ways I never had imagined. I want to share my experience with biking to you.
I first became acquainted with biking when my parents wanted me to exercise when I was 14. After they purchased a bike, I would occasionally ride at a park as a hobby. However, one day, I decided to bike to school for my first time, which was about two miles away. It seemed scary and tiring at first. While I biked on the road, cars were speeding past me. I was afraid someone would crash into me. Also, when I arrived at school, I would be very tired to learn.
However, I did not let these issues stop me from biking. As I continued to bike, I found ways to make biking easier for me. After researching online, I came across bicycle baskets to attach onto my bike. I decided that this would benefit me, because it would lighten the books I carried to school. After I biked with a basket, I noticed I was less tired when I arrived at school.
Retrospectively, biking is a great alternative to cars and buses. It comes with many advantages compared to driving a car. Biking helps the environment, allows me to stay in shape and save money. I could commute knowing that I am not polluting the environment. I discovered that every mile I bike than by car, I save a pound of carbon dioxide. At the same time, I am able to lose about 400 calories and save money during my commute. I wouldn't have to spend $25 dollars a month on bus passes.
Do you think you could take the initiative to commute by bike? Why or why not? Do you have any questions about my story?
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  1. Lance Ogoshi says:

    It's great that you bike Jasper! I would try to bike but I live quite far a way from school but if I could my main concerns would be the same as you, being tired and safety. How have you addressed these issues when you started to bike? I know that when I was volunteering at my district parks Summer Fun program, I had to walk several miles to get there and I would be tired and sweaty, do you bring a change of clothes or something? because when I didn't bring a change of clothes, i would stink all day and it would suck. Have you got other family members or friends to start biking to and from different places as well?

  2. Jasper C. says:

    Hi Lance,
    Thank you for reading my article. I was less tired after I attached a basket to my bike. It lightened the load on my back when I get to school. However, as for safety, I am always alert for incoming traffic. I also wear a helmet to protect me from a serious injuries. When it gets dark, I attach bicycle lights onto my bike. I've bought front, spoke and back lights. This allows drivers to see me from all directions. As for perspiration, I use paper towels to get rid of the sweat. I've tried to bring a change of clothes, but I wasn't always able to find time to change. I'm not sure if I influenced anyone, but after I started to bike, I've seen some friends who began to commute by bike to and from school.

  3. Olin Lagon says:

    Thanks for sharing your journal Jasper. I must say, I used to ride a bike everywhere and now I don't even own a bike. I just bought some skates so am going to try and skate around a bit :-)

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