ED Report to Members June and July 2013

Aug 1, 2013 by Olin Lagon


Here's our member update for June & July 2013. Please let us know if you have questions or suggestions.

Some highlights from our Kanu Fellows leadership program:

  • Cherilyn wrapped up our start-up phase and will be returning to the DOE as a VP. We are grateful for her leadership in launching the Fellows program and know she will make a difference in her return to public education.
  • Kanu's first Executive Director, Andrew Aoki, will be leading the second phase. Andrew will continue with leadership development and help lead the Fellows with their individual community projects.
  • We wrapped up our Aloha for a Teacher Project, which was our response to the community survey identifying "education" as the number one priority. We helped several teachers at Lincoln Elementary and Stevenson Middle School to get ready for the upcoming school year by cleaning classrooms, setting up tech infrastructure, moving furniture, and helping with materials prep.
  • We completed our post-session report back to the communities we canvassed. We summarized bills introduced and passed, key positions held, campaign donor info, and revisited top issues as identified from our community survey.
  • We revisited neighborhoods in Aiea, Pearl City, Papakolea, Pauoa, Punchbowl and Waianae to deliver our post-session report to folks at the door.
  • We shared door to door canvassing experiences and lessons learned on Hawaii Public Radio.

As part of our work to provide energy savings for all communities:

  • We wrapped up the first 10 of 30 energy-savings lessons that will make up the most comprehensive energy savings course for folks in Hawaii. These lessons are rooted in the energy efficiency work we have done directly with hundreds of ohana as well as our energy research. We hope to have the course ready in a couple of months. Mahalo to Hawaii Energy for funding this work.
  • We launched the pilot of our Lending Library / Pay it Forward program that is designed to get energy savings devices and information to folks across the state. Over the past two months, 44 families participated in our pilot program. We already have data coming back from these devices that families are saving energy! We hope to scale this program up this year. Mahalo again to Hawaii Energy for funding this work.
  • We launched a pilot with Hawaiian Electric to find ways for folks with window air conditioners to save energy within a demand response solution. We are working with three families who are testing Internet-connected thermostat and timer technology that if successful could be expanded to more communities.
  • Mahalo to the 1,059 members who responded to our survey to measure air conditioning use and the potential for a demand response solution that will help inform our future work.
  • We continued testing new energy-savings technologies including meeting with a couple of manufactures.
  • We shared some of our energy work with Hawaii News Now morning viewers as well as weekly on Hawaii Public Radio. Check out our press section for links to these pieces.
  • We completed a couple of proposals to help expand the efforts highlighted above.

Our efforts around supporting our local food system include:

  • We started the planning process for an Eat Local every day campaign instead of our month long challenge. This will give us more opportunities for all of us to learn more about the countless issues surrounding our local food system and more opportunities to plug in!
  • Last year we worked to get EBT access accepted at Farmer's Markets as well as increase food access in food deserts. That work was led by Kasha Ho who is continuing this work with the Green Wheel Food Hub. Here is a really great radio interview that highlights their latest efforts in preserving our local food system.
  • We looked at opportunities to partner up with the EPA and local groups to participate in a Food Recovery Challenge.

Other efforts include:

  • We are continuing our work with the Office of Elections to help expand our voter registration drive for next year to include more under represented communities.
  • Kanu board member Breanna Rose led our participation at the Hawaii Conservation Conference with a "We Will" session that was designed to encourage cross sector participation and partnerships to dial up sustainability efforts. The picture above is from this session. I led a couple of sessions at the conference highlighting our past energy work.
  • I shared about Kanu's community organizing efforts at this summer's Global Leadership Institute.

Our numbers for June and July 2013:

  • Direct membership grew to 15,825.
  • Facebook members grew to 8,903
  • Views of our Facebook content reached over 400,000 people
  • Views to KanuHawaii.org was 19,322
  • Folks following on Twitter increased to 6,319.
  • Klout score was 64 (placing Kanu in the top 10 statewide in engaging people).
  • Total views to our 4,449 images posted to Flickr was 162,862. We added 58 images during this period.
  • Total views to our 194 YouTube videos was 112,689. We added just 1 video during this period.


Olin Lagon Executive Director


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