Partner Benefits

Mahalo nui to all organizations for partnering with us on 2018 Volunteer Week in Hawaii. Read on for some ways we supported our partners.

Grew participation with new volunteers.

Through outreach on various media channels including television, radio, print and social media leading up to Volunteer Week, new people were connected to the events listed. One of our main goals was to support this and grow volunteer numbers and connections to our partners work.  

One of the strategic resource providers for Volunteer Week Hawaii was HIHO (Hands In Helping Out at and as a value added aspect of the campaign they have put together a volunteer coordination resource guide to support Hawaii focused volunteerism. If you are interested in obtaining this free resource simply fill out the form found here and HIHO will contact you directly.


What We’d Like From You

These are simple asks that will help us to grow participation and measure our collective impact:

Include the #volunteerweekhawaii hashtag on your event postings, advertising and other social media posts. We’ll also be pulling from posts that use the hashtag and sharing / reposting to raise awareness about your organization and your efforts. 

We also have image based versions of the hash tag of the Volunteer Week Logo that you can use under our PR & Media section here

Using your phone camera (or other camera), turn your camera to landscape mode (long ways) to maintain consistency. When recording, try to keep it steady and have little to no background noise so your audio is as clear as possible. Please include:

  • your name (I’m ______ )
  • org’s name that the volunteer opportunity took place with (and I volunteered with _______ )
  • where the volunteer event happened, town/site and island (in ___________ on the island of _______. )
  • how many people participated and/or hours did you work? (I, along with __________ others spent roughly _________ hours)
  • what was your impact (doing ______________________________.)
So the full script could be:
I’m _______ and I volunteered with _______ in ________ on the island of _________. I, along with _______________ others spent roughly  ___________ hours __________ doing  ______________________.
We can add your video to the pop-up on our map to share with folks what your experience was and what was accomplished through your volunteer efforts. 
Ideal length is 10-30 seconds, but take your time if you want to really share your story. 

In order to show our collective impact across all of Hawaii we’re asking you share just a few key metrics from your event.
Your individual data won’t be shared unless you approve that. We’ll provide a roll up of the totals of all participating organizations though so you can see what is happening across Hawaii.

Download the Excel Doc Here  

Metrics collected this year are:

  • event date
  • event time range
  • number of volunteers
  • total number of hours
  • outputs and impact (what was accomplished) and 
  • resident vs. visitor ratio. 

You may already be collecting metrics, but if not, it’s a simple list that you can use to measure volunteer engagement.


Any questions, comments or concerns please contact us directly at any time. Mahalo!

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