Volunteer Mahalo

Thanking Volunteers for their Service during Volunteer Week Hawaii

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Write a personalized “Thank You” post

  • Post on a volunteer’s Facebook wall and make sure to use #volunteerweekhawaii
  • Share on your Facebook and/or Instagram, tag the volunteer(s), and include #volunteerweekhawaii
  • Encourage others to write personal thank you notes on a volunteer’s Facebook to thank them for their service
  • Be sure to include their name and handle “@username” in the post so they are alerted that you made the post
  • Log in to your business or organizational user account and ‘like’ the comment


Shoot a quick video...

  • Of you and your team thanking the volunteer and post it to Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube
  • Tag (@username) all the volunteers who participate, the organizing entity or agency, and use #volunteerweekhawaii
  • Instagram – videos must be 60 seconds or less to post on IG
  • You can boost videos to share the mahalo to the broader community
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