About Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week Hawaii seeks to engage more residents, visitors, and businesses in volunteering with our local nonprofits and community groups to build capacity, social links, and community resilience.

Although National Volunteer Week has occurred annually since 1974, Hawaii only officially recognized Volunteer Week in 2018 by legislative resolution

Volunteer Week Hawaii (VWH) provides an opportunity to reduce  barriers, build awareness, and increase statewide volunteerism. Through hosting a large scale, Hawaii-wide annual event we can mobilize the resources and level of participation to facilitate a more robust volunteer sector year round.

By growing volunteer capacity:

  • Our nonprofit and community-based organizations will be stronger, more effective and able to withstand fluctuations in changing economic landscapes
  • Our business community can grow their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments, resulting in higher levels of employee efficiency, productivity, and working relationships
  • We have an opportunity to engage Hawaii’s millions of visitors in local, authentic, and culturally appropriate experiences, potentially drawing visitors, particularly millennials, to the islands
  • We are growing our community-based networks to better respond in times of disaster and emergency
  • Our politicians and elected leaders can better engage with their constituencies
  • Our residents, businesses, organizations, and government will engage in real world relationship building through meaningful work
    • When volunteers take action in their own communities, the experience fosters authentic relationships that grow bonds and increase place-based resilience
    • Neighbor-level connections are imperative in worst case scenarios and allow us to address all challenges with compassion and aloha

As the purveyors of aloha, we must be proactive in practicing it. It is our kuleana (responsibility)


Volunteerism reminds us that sharing our aloha with others is foundational to connected and healthy communities. 


Key Impacts of the first Volunteer Week Hawaii in 2018

  • Broadened and strengthened relationships between individuals, community organizations, and businesses through encouraging volunteerism, sharing best practices, and building capacity for better civic engagement, corporate citizenship, and ongoing volunteerism
  • Grew awareness through media exposure (i.e. television, radio, print, social media) for the purpose of (1) increasing participation in Volunteer Week and (2) sharing good deeds to instill a sense of connectedness in the community.
Volunteer Week Hawaii, it’s a kakou thing.        #volunteerweekhawaii

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