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IMPACT – Why should you invest your time in this project?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media are increasingly important ways to communicate with friends, family and organizations and interests, especially in this age of social isolation. If you can’t visit friends and family in person you can follow their lives on social media.

AARP Hawai’i’s Facebook page has information on all of our upcoming events and information that we think is helpful to people 50 and older.

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are good for sharing information about yourself with friends and family and for them to share information with you. Twitter is often used for keeping up with things happening now and for advocacy. A lot of politicians and journalists are on Twitter and LinkedIn is a way to maintain business contacts and can help in a job search.

Check out some of the links below and give social media a try.


Check out some of the security links to learn about staying safe and protecting your privacy on social media and check your privacy settings on Facebook. While social media is fun, users should also be wary of sharing too much or falling for scams. Remember your mother telling you not to talk to strangers. You should take the same precautions on social media as you do answering a knock at the door or taking a phone call. The scammers are trying to reach you even if you don’t have a Facebook account. If you are on Facebook, like the AARP Hawai`i Facebook page if you haven’t already done so and like, share or comment on a post that you think will help and interest your friends or family.

If you are not on social media, go ahead and set up an account on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and see if you like it. Information on how to set up an account is in the links.

Sign up for a LinkedIn account and connect with others in your industry or look for job postings.

Resources & Examples

General Information on social media and technology
Privacy and Security
AARP – How to avoid social media scams

Creating an account
Linked In

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