Olin Lagon

Joined Kanu Hawaii Jul 31, 2007
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Kanu Staff

About me

Spent half my adult life starting up technology companies and the other half volunteering or working for nonprofits. Grew up in public housing on Oahu (Palolo Housing & KPT). Now live near the back of Kalihi Valley with my wife, two young and totally amazing boys, and our 10 year old poi dog who didn't get the memo that she isn't a puppy anymore.

Why I love Hawaii

When I was a kid, I played baseball for the Palolo Hawaiians. One year we lost every game, and usually by lots of runs. But that was an incredible season and I had tons of fun (except for when my forehead caught the pop fly I missed)! Even the anticipation of what was in our brown sack lunch packed by one of our parents rocked. Sometimes we even had a quarter in the bag which was enough for a soda from the Palolo fire station vending machine. Growing up here has and continues to string up a mile long lei of priceless memories like these.

My interests

I love playing Ki Hoalu and long boarding (though I don't spend enough time doing either). I also like to hike, garden, hang out, listen to the same cd for one week straight (my wife claims it's a month), and read lots of different stuff.

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