Pledge to Our Keiki Learning Library

A Partnership Between Hawai’i Department of Education and Kanu Hawai’i

The Pledge to Our Keiki is not just a social impact initiative that works to educate visitors and residents, it is also a partnership for students to learn about service, to become ambassadors for Hawaii’s future, and to care for the places they love the most. Through a five-year agreement with the Hawaii Department of Education (HIDOE), Kanu Hawaiʻi will provide learning opportunities for students in grades K-12. Together, we are committed to the learning and development for the next generation of leaders to develop HĀ competencies through a daily commitment to malama and kokua Hawaiʻi in a changing world and climate.

We are thrilled to share the Pledge to Our Keiki Education Resources for educators from all schools: public, charter, and independent, as well as clubs and groups that empower young people. These resources will continue to expand to meet the goals and outcomes of the initiative.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Empower students to be ambassadors and stewards of Hawai’i
  • Inspire and support students and teachers in the full cycle of action projects that malama and volunteer Hawai’i
  • Apply the Hawai’i Department of Education’s Nā Hopena Aʻo (HĀ) framework to direct action projects
  • Educate students and entire schools about the value of community service
  • Connect youth and schools to businesses and nonprofit organizations participating in the Pledge to Our Keiki.

Pledge to Our Keiki education resources provide education leaders with a guide for classroom and school projects. All resources are designed to inspire projects that connect HĀ competencies, social-emotional learning skills, and project/place-based learning frameworks. The first collection of resources is designed to support student and community learning and engagement with the Pledge to Our Keiki, special places in communities, and corporations and nonprofit organizations committed to communities across Hawai’i. These resources also create opportunities for students to collaborate as young changemakers, designing and acting now to carry and paddle Hawai’i forward toward a sustainable future. For these reasons, we are grateful to provide them and support their integration into schools and communities.

Learning Pathways

*Lessons can be adapted for upper elementary students

Want to Get in Touch?

We are here to support your learning and engagement with the Education Resource Library. Please contact us with questions, requests for support, and other topics. We look forward to collaborating with you for the Pledge to Our Keiki.